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Catering services include Coffee Break, Cocktail, Afternoon Tea, Food Stall, and Lunch Buffet. It begins with an impressive Doi Chang coffee, homemade Pastry, original Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. Fruit Juice, and Thai authentic desserts. The catering service suitably served for a Press Conference, Meeting, Seminar, Training, Road Show, Product Launch, Rally, Marathon, corporate party and includes ordination ceremony, religious ceremony, engagement and wedding.

"Fiesta Zelection" by The Refersher provides catering service with a selection of beverages and snacks. Starting by quality ingredients then baking or brewing it properly. We offer a unique cocktail, coffee break, afternoon tea, lunch buffet where you can choose from many different menus.

Call Hotline 087-5160330 for further details, contact available 24 hrs x 7 days.

Hot Line 087-516-0330
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