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Coffee Brake

Coffee Break
Coffee Break catering is the most popular service as it suits almost every occasion; press conference, branch opening, product launch, corporate meeting / seminar, rally / marathon, ordination, wedding and engagement. The service is available in Bangkok and vicinity.

Coffee break menu starts with Doi Chang coffee, Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, cocoa, tropical fruit juice. Available as the hot drinks or the cold ones. Snack is a homemade pastry baked by our seasoned chef. Variety of menus to choose per your favorite including Waffle stall which we bake and serve to you right at the spot..

Premium Set Standard Set
Standard Coffee Break - choose hot or cold drinks, plus 2 kinds of snack
-> 89 Baht/pax (min 50 pax)
Select a "hot" or "cold" drinks.
Hot drinks (fresh coffee, ceylon tea, cocoa) + iced water
Cold drinks (choose two items from fruit juice / iced ceylon tea
/ iced coffee / iced cocoa) + iced water

Select 1 item from each column
Bread (sausage / flossy pork / tuna / red pork / chicken)
Éclair Choux Cream (2 pieces)
Danish (taro / red bean / raisin / pineapple / chicken / tuna / ham / sausage / flossy pork / blueberry)
mini Cake Roll (pandan / chocolate / blueberry / vanilla / coffee)
Pie (ham / spinach / toddy / taro)
mini Muffin (blueberry / chocolate)
Muffin (raisin / almond)
mini Thai Tea Milk Cake (Thai tea / green tea)
Banana cake
Mamon (mixed fruits / almond / raisin)
Curry Puff (bean / chicken / flossy pork)
mini Sandwich (tuna / ham / flossy pork / chicken ham)

OPTION mini Sandwich (ham & cheese) (+ 5 Baht)
OPTION mini Muffin (strawberry cheesecake) (+ 10 Baht)
OPTION Lamington Cake (+5 Baht)
OPTION mini Chocolate Lover's Cake (+10 Baht)
OPTION mini Orange Classic Cake (+10 Baht)
OPTION mini Carrot Cake (+15 Baht)
Thai authentic dessert (pudding with coconut topping / golden flower / egg yolk fudge balls cooked in syrup / bean-paste / Thai layer sweet / coconut milk jelly)
mini Tuna Roll
mini Flossy Pork Roll
Quiche(spinach / ham / mushroom)
Mamon Foi Thong
Tart (toddy / longan / coconut)
Financiers (peach / raspberry)
Éclair Choux Cream (3 pieces)
Muffin (chocolate / green tea)
Crumble Muffin (strawberry / blueberry)
Bun (pizza / pizza & surimi crab)
Bread (sausage salad / chicken sausage salad / tuna salad / chicken ham salad / flossy pork salad)
Cake Roll (pandan / chocolate / blueberry / vanilla / coffee)
Chiffon (blueberry / orange / vanilla / coffee / pandan)
Coconut Chiffon
Pie (tuna / red pork / chicken / mushroom / apple / prune)
Toffee Cake
mini Foi Thong Cake
Butter Slice
mini Brownie (almond / chocolate chip)

OPTION mini Brownie (white chocolate /
peanut butter swirl) (+ 5 Baht)
OPTION mini Agar Tofu Fruit Salad (+ 5 Baht)
OPTION Sausage Roll (+5 Baht)
OPTION Pain De Genes (+ 5 Baht)
OPTION Marble Cake (green tea / chocolate) (+ 5 Baht)
Upon the drink & 2 items of pastry were chosen,
you are able to add these menus at the special price.
Optional Pastry (+35 Baht)

mini Banana Cake
mini Muffin (raisin / almond)
mini Butter Slice
mini (ham salad) Bread
Bread (flossy pork)
Crispy Pineapple Pie
Optional Juice (+ 25 Baht)

Herbal Juice
Bael Fruit Juice
Roselle Juice
Chrysanthemum Juice
Longan Juice
Lemongrass Juice

Fruit Juice
Orange Juice
Fruit Punch
Guava Juice
Pineapple Juice

Cold Drink (+ 25 Baht)
Iced Coffee
Iced Ceylon Tea
Iced Cocoa
Optional Waffle Food Stall
(+45 - +65 บาท) (min 50 pax)

Bacon Waffle
Ham & Cheese Waffle
Sausage & Pasley Waffle
Chocolate Chip Waffle
Toasted Coconut
Raisin Waffle
Original Waffle (butter & maple syrup)
Banana Waffle with chocolate sauce
Nuts & Jams Waffle

Hot Line 087-516-0330
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